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FORNEYeap for Managers and HR Directors

A Caring Partnership between Forney Financial Solutions and 21st Century Employee Assistance Partners

Managers and HR Directors: FORNEYeap has multiple levels of EAP services available.

The services described above are considered Level 1 services

Level 2 and Level 3 services are enhanced EAP services designed to provide a wider range of services. They represent different levels of the following services:

A.  EAP Program Development and Consultation Services

  • Assessment of organizational needs related to the Employee Assistance Program.
  • Assistance in development of EAP policy guidelines and procedures.
  • Management/ Supervisory consultations by phone or in person about employee behavioral issues.
  • Consultation with supervisors regarding formal EAP referrals.
  • Secure Website private access to a discussion bulletin board available for designated management staff.

B.  Education, Training and Orientation Services

  • On-site General staff EAP program orientation
  • On-site training of supervisors and managers regarding EAP services and referral procedures
  • Quarterly Newsletters about mental health, wellness and strategic EAP services available electronically or in paper
  • Employee focused program brochures and posters
  • Educational workshops on work/life topics (Level 3 only)
  • Limited access for contracted companies to private side of the Website for self help information on employee performance and work/life topics

C.  Assessment, Short Term Counseling and Referral Services

  • 1 to 3 sessions ( Level 2) or 1 to 6 sessions ( Level 3) short term assessment and counseling model.
  • Website access for confidential registration requests for services by company employees and family members
  • Assessment of resource needs and referral for appropriate service needs.
  • When necessary, options for service continuation under healthcare plan or referral into the community
  • Critical Incident Stress Management Services (Response/Debriefing services) available
  • Satisfaction surveys sent to all employees and family members who use the program and give permission; results provided to management without compromising confidentiality.

D.  Strategic EAP Services (Optional)

  • Strategic EAP services available as an additional portion of the annual cost or
  • Strategic EAP services available upon request on a fee-for-service basis
  • Services include:
    • Coaching managers and supervisors
    • Team Building
    • Communication Training
    • Conflict Resolution
    • How to have Difficult Conversations
    • Management Retreats
    • Leadership Development
    • Use of Employee Assessment Tools
    • And More…

E.  Reports: PROVIDER shall submit to The Employer annual statistical reports indicating the following:

  • De-identified summary statistical information provided to management without compromising confidentiality
  • Reports will include the following:
    • Number of employees/dependents served
    • Demographic profile of employee utilization.
    • Employee/client satisfaction indicators
    • Disposition of cases.
    • Number of supervisory consultations
    • Number of supervisory training sessions and number of participants
    • Number of employee program orientation sessions and number of participants
    • Number and topic of employee education/wellness presentations and number of participants
    • Number of Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) sessions and number of participants
    • Number of mandatory referrals and status of follow-up.

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