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Training & Development

Strategic EAP Training Programs
(A partial topic listing of available seminars)

Training programs are typically a minimum of 1.5 hours to 2.0 hours and can be longer depending upon the request. Most training programs have a presentation portion and a small group exercise component followed by a full group question, answer and discussion. The following is a partial list of possible program content areas for training:

Adjusting to Organizational Change
Assumptions and Beliefs in Communication
Conflict Management
Delegation Issues in Management
Difficult Conversations
Effective Communication
Everyone a Leader
Facilitation Techniques for Managers
Intergenerational Workforce Issues For Managers
Learned Optimism
Managing Change in Organizations
Managing Vicarous Trauma for Caregivers
Managing Workplace Stress
Professional Behavior in the Workplace
Team Building
What’s Your Story?
Winter Blues
Work/Life Balance