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father1.   What does EAP stand for?

“Employee Assistance Program”

2.   What is an EAP? 

A benefit that your employer pays that is free to you and your immediate family members.

3.   Why do we have it?  

Employees and family members face stress at work and problems outside of work every day.  This program is designed to help the employee find ways to get the help needed to solve problems.  Sometimes, you receive information that helps;other times, you may need to talk to one of our EAP counselors to figure out what is the best course of action.

4.  I thought this service was just for people with drug and alcohol problems or mental health problems?

Not at all.  We offer a wide range of help covering a lot of different kinds of needs.  Most of the people who call us are working and trying to do the best they can to support themselves and their family.

5.  What will happen when my boss finds find out that I need this help? 

Over 90% of employees and family members call our toll free number on their own to seek help.  We are not permitted by law to release any information about your situation without your written signature.  There are some general exceptions that all healthcare professionals must follow that involve reporting someone who is a danger to themselves or someone else.

6.  Why does the employer offer this benefit?  

When employees are able to solve problems and generally take better care of themselves, they function better on the job and have fewer healthcare problems. If your company has a contract with us, you click on the “member benefits” tab on the website and enter your company code and the information inside will tell you all about your EAP benefit and what it covers. (If you don’t know the code, ask your human resources dept. or your business office)

7.  What do I need to do to get this kind of assistance?

If your company has a contract with us, you would call our toll free number at 1-800-825-5327 or click on the “Register for Services” tab on our website to register on line.  Registration either by telephone or on-line will give you the opportunity to talk with one of our Initial Contact Specialists to determine what you need; if you need to schedule a meeting with us, and if so, which office and at what time.

8.  How do I know that your counselor can help me?

Our staff have Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Counseling, Social Work and Psychology and are licensed in their respective areas.  All of our EAP counselors are experienced in providing EAP counseling.  Their areas of emphasis vary from work with children and families to adults, and include grief and loss,substance abuse, adult adjustment, eldercare, etc.